In many cases, those who purchase VFB Pro are already users of the free version of the plugin.  One of the great features of Pro is that there is a migration process built into it.

What Transfers to VFB Pro 3.0

  • Forms
  • Form Settings > Email
  • Form Settings > Confirmation
  • Fields

What Does NOT Transfer to VFB Pro 3.0

  • The Fieldset field (converts to the Heading field)
  • The Section field
  • Many plugin-wide settings on the Settings page

Because VFB Pro 3.0 changes how Entries are stored, they CANNOT be migrated

How to Migrate

  1. Install and activate VFB Pro
  2. Verify your VFB Pro license
  3. A migration banner will appear
  4. To initiate the process, click the Migrate Forms button
  5. To opt out of the migration process, click the Dismiss button

WARNING: the migration process cannot be reversed, so if you have already started using VFB Pro, please be aware that clicking the Migrate Forms button will wipe the VFB Pro tables clean. If you are unsure of what to do, choose the Dismiss button.

Post Migration

If you chose the Migrate Forms button, you should be redirected to the All Forms list and see all of your forms listed. The free version should also be automatically deactivated.  If it did not deactivate, please do so now.

You are free to start using VFB Pro at this point. There is no need to change the [vfb] shortcodes in your Posts/Pages.

If you wish to uninstall the free version, you can do so at this time.